An Indonesian company, Evoware, has developed a method of producing biodegradable packaging from seaweed.

The packaging, which is shelf-stable for up to two years, is dissolvable in warm water. It comes in two basic varieties: a biodegradable one that can be used for packaging non-consumable items such as soap; and an edible one that can be used as a food wrap, for example for flavouring sachets or tea bags.

Evoware says that he edible packaging  is almost tasteless and odorless and is considered to be nutritious, as it has high fibre, vitamin and mineral content.

As well as helping to reduce plastic in the environment, Evoware hopes that using locally-grown seaweed will boost the livelihoods of Indonesia’s seaweed farmers.

The company was chosen as a winner in the Social Venture Challenge Asia 2017.