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Monthly Archive: March 2008

Electric Cars for Denmark and France

Written by , on March 29, 2008

Denmark has become the second country to announce that it will mass-produce electric cars and rollout an extensive recharging network. Like Israel, which announced similar plans in January, Denmark will begin producing cars next year with full production from 2010. Both countries are planning to have a refuelling infrastructure in place by 2010. Like Israel, […]  Read more »

Ecosystem Degradation – Risks & Opportunities for Business

Written by , on March 12, 2008

The World Resources Institute has published a "Corporate Ecosystem Services Review". The report was developed in collaboration with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development and Meridian Instute. The Review found that "Ecosystems provide businesses with numerous benefits…However, human activities are rapidly degrading these and other ecosystems… Ecosystem degradation is highly relevant to business because […]  Read more »

The Hybrids Are Coming

Written by , on March 7, 2008

In the most sweeping endorsement of hybrid vehicles by any large vehicle manufacturer, Jim Press, vice chairman and president of Chrysler LLC, announced in New York last week that every single new Chrysler, Dodge and Jeep is being engineered so that it can be adapted for a hybrid powertrain. This represents a huge reversal by […]  Read more »