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Monthly Archive: July 2008

Wine by Sail

Written by , on July 31, 2008

The first shipment of "green energy" wine has arrived in Dublin Port from France. Fair Wind Wine Ltd used a sailing ship to transport exclusive French wines on traditional wine routes from Languedoc to Ireland. The company plans to expand its sailing ship service to Britain, Denmark and Canada, Wherever possible within France, the wine […]  Read more »

Electric Motorcycles

Written by , on July 31, 2008

 The apparent reluctance of the major motorcycle manufacturers to risk their existing markets by innovating is hurting their sales – Japanese motorcycle production was down by 44.1% in May compared to last year – and has opened the way for small, innovative manufacturers, using components readily available from China and elsewhere, to capture market share. […]  Read more »

Membrane Allows Easier Desalination

Written by , on July 31, 2008

Worldwide, there are already more than 7,000 desalination plants filtering salt from seawater. The majority of these desalination plants use polyamide membranes to separate the salt from seawater. But seawater harbours a variety of organisms that can form a thick film over the membranes and clog the filter. So, the desalination plants use chlorine to […]  Read more »

Ten Times More Ethanol from Waste

Written by , on July 30, 2008

University of Georgia researchers have developed a new technology that promises to dramatically increase the yield of ethanol from readily available non-food crops, including the waste from corn and sugarcane harvests, weeds such as bermudagrass, switchgrass and napiergrass and even garden waste. The new technology features a fast, mild, acid-free pretreatment process that increases the […]  Read more »

Printing That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Written by , on July 28, 2008

At our GreenBiz Café meeting on 28th July 2008, industry expert Zaidee Jackson, talked about how printing affects our carbon footprint and why choosing a green printer makes a difference.  Read more »

OLED Efficiency Breakthrough

Written by , on July 28, 2008

Energy efficiency and flexible lighting applications have long been the promise of organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs). The technology hasn’t lived up to its promise, however, because in typical OLEDs, most light is trapped inside the bulb and only 20 percent of the light generated is released. Researchers at the University of Michigan and Princeton […]  Read more »

Hybrid Solar/Electric Building at Beijing Olympics

Written by , on July 25, 2008

The Beijing Olympic Village is now home to one of the world’s first photovoltaic/thermal hybrid building systems. Mounted on the roof of one of the central buildings, which will be a service centre for athletes during the Olympics, the system produces both electricity and heat energy from the same surface area, generating 200-300 per cent […]  Read more »

Shell’s Solution: Dump Nullabor in Ocean

Written by , on July 22, 2008

Shell Oil is funding a feasibility study into adding lime to seawater as a cost-effective way to fight global warming by sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide in the world’s oceans. Adding lime to seawater increases its alkalinity, thereby increasing the ocean’s capacity to absorb CO2. The process actually generates CO2 emissions but, according to […]  Read more »

Solar Panels Becoming Integrated

Written by , on July 21, 2008

Bulky and obtrusive rack-mounted solar panels may soon be a thing of the past. Solar panel makers are scrambling to come up with neater and cleaner products that will overcome the aesthetic objections of home owners to traditional solar panels. Solar panels are being built into different kinds of roof tiles, being hidden in walls […]  Read more »

Cheaper LEDs

Written by , on July 21, 2008

Researchers at Purdue University in Indiana have reported that they have succeeded in overcoming a major obstacle in the production of low-cost LEDs. LEDs are far more efficient and have a much longer life than traditional incandescent lights. However, current LEDs are also much more expensive to produce. One of the major factors in the […]  Read more »