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Monthly Archive: August 2008

Businesses Buying Recycled

Written by , on August 30, 2008

At our August 25 meeting, we discussed purchasing products made from recycled materials – a simple step businesses can take to reduce their environmental impact and support recycling systems. Lyndall McKernan from the Buy Recycled Business Alliance (BRBA) highlighted the importance of ‘buying recycled’ and provided an overview of Australia’s first national Recycled Product Directory […]  Read more »

Rethinking Business for a Carbon Economy

Written by , on August 30, 2008

On August 11, our meeting discussed how business enterprises will benefit from rethinking their processes in an economy, which must consider finite natural resources and the need to strive for a sustainable future. Helen Weston gave a talk about how to understand the new government policies, including the new carbon pollution reduction scheme and what […]  Read more »

Coal Video on YouTube

Written by , on August 29, 2008

GreenBiz Café now has a presence on YouTube. Our first video is “Coal: What the Hell Are We Doing?”.  Read more »

Logging Underwater Forests

Written by , on August 26, 2008

Logging of a Ghanaian forest submerged 40 years ago by a hydroelectric dam could point to an underwater timber bonanza worth billions of dollars. In October, a consortium led by Canadian company Clark Sustainable Resource Developments will begin logging timber submerged for 40 years by a hydroelectric dam in Lake Volta, the largest man-made lake […]  Read more »

What’s Wrong with Beef?

Written by , on August 24, 2008

According to a United Nations report, cattle are “responsible for 18% of greenhouse gases, more than cars, planes and all other forms of transport put together.” But why are cattle so bad? And are other sources of meat equally bad? There are about 1.3 billion cattle occupying 24% of the world’s entire land area. Cattle […]  Read more »

Half of All Food Is Wasted

Written by , on August 24, 2008

A policy brief issued for the World Water Week in Stockholm reports that as much as half of all the food produced in the world is wasted. The brief, authored by the Stockholm International Water Institute, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization and the International Water Management Institute, shows that the current food crisis is […]  Read more »

The Queen Goes Green

Written by , on August 22, 2008

The Queen has taken steps to make Balmoral, her Scootish residence, completely self-sufficient in energy. She has installed a small hydro-electric plant on a stream in the estate. It generates enough to supply electricity to the 1,000 residents in the area with the excess sold to the national grid. The Queen has registered all the […]  Read more »

Mass Production of Diesel from Algae

Written by , on August 22, 2008

US company, Solazyme, has announced that it will be capable of mass producing millions of gallons of biodiesel derived from algae within 3 years. Solazyme is the first company to produce algae diesel that meets US standards but until now has not announced a timeline for mass production. According to Solazyme CEO, Jonathan Wolfson “The […]  Read more »

Google Invests in Hot Rocks

Written by , on August 20, 2008

Google is investing $US10.5 million in three research projects on the potential of using geothermal energy from deeply buried hot rocks to produce electricity. > AltaRock Energy will receive $6.25 million to research reducing the cost of enhanced geothermal systems and improving its performance. Potter Drilling will receive $4 million to research lowering the cost […]  Read more »

“60 Minutes” Global Warming Skepticism

Written by , on August 17, 2008

Australia’s “60 Minutes” has broadcast an item called “Crunch Time” which made much of the opinions of David Evans, a computer programmer with a PhD in electrical engineering who once worked on a mathematical modeling program for the Australian Greenhouse Office. Dr Evans put two arguments to support his view that global warming is not […]  Read more »