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Monthly Archive: October 2008

Hyundai Plans Hybrid Then Fuel Cell Cars

Written by , on October 31, 2008

Hyundai Motor has announced that it plans to commercially produce its first hydrogen fuel-cell car starting in 2012. The fuel-cell vehicle would come three years after Hyundai introduces its first petrol-electric hybrid Avante compact car in 2009. Hyundai has previously announced that a lithium-ion powered hybrid version of the Sonata sedan is planned for the […]  Read more »

International Energy Agency Confirms Peak Oil

Written by , on October 30, 2008

The Financial Times has obtained a draft of the International Energy Agency’s annual report, which states that the rate of output from the world’s biggest oil fields is declining at 9.1 per cent a year. This is the first such authoritative study of oil reserves, which most oil producing countries keep secret. The International Energy […]  Read more »

China’s $250 billion a year Hidden Cost of Coal

Written by , on October 28, 2008

China’s dirty and dangerous coal mining industry cost the country a hidden $250 billion last year in lost and damaged lives, wasted energy and environmental devastation, according to a survey by experts from the coal heartland of Shanxi province, Peking University, the Chinese government’s top energy think-tank and the Chinese Center for Disease Control. Last […]  Read more »

“New” Nuclear – Helium-3

Written by , on October 26, 2008

“Conventional” nuclear fusion reactors work by fusing deuterium and tritium to produce helium-4, a neutron and enormous heat and radiation. The heat is used to boil water and the resulting steam drives a turbine. Several experimental nuclear fusion reactors based on this principle have been built but none has yet produced more power than it […]  Read more »

“New” Nuclear – Thorium

Written by , on October 25, 2008

In a conventional nuclear reactor the input fuel is uranium-235 (U-235) which is part of a much larger mass of uranium – mostly U-238. This U-235 is progressively “burned” over about three years to yield a lot of heat. This fission of U-235 causes some of the U-238 to turn into plutonium-239, which behaves almost identically to […]  Read more »

Aussies Break Solar Efficiency Record

Written by , on October 25, 2008

The University of New South Wales’ ARC Photovoltaic Centre of Excellence has created the first silicon solar cell to achieve the milestone of 25 per cent efficiency. The UNSW ARC Photovoltaic Centre of Excellence already held the world record of 24.7 per cent for silicon solar cell efficiency. Now the team led by Professors Martin […]  Read more »

Google & Intel Suggest Raising Data Centre Temperatures

Written by , on October 16, 2008

Most data centres operate at temperatures between 20 and 22°C – some keep temperatures as low as 13°C. But according to large data centre operators, including Google, much higher temperatures with big savings in air conditioning, are acceptable. “The guidance we give to data centre operators is to raise the thermostat,” said Erik Teetzel, an Energy […]  Read more »

Black Silicon

Written by , on October 13, 2008

Harvard physicists, led by Eric Mazur, have stumbled on a new material, called black silicon that could have a major impact on digital photography, night vision and solar cells. The researchers shone an exceptionally powerful laser light on a silicon wafer and also applied sulfur hexafluoride, a gas used by the semiconductor industry to make […]  Read more »

A Green New Deal

Written by , on October 13, 2008

The Independent newspaper has reported that "top economists and United Nations leaders are working on a "Green New Deal" to create millions of jobs, revive the world economy, slash poverty and avert environmental disaster". The ambitious plan, which the paper says will be formally launched in London next week, will call on world leaders, including […]  Read more »

Green Theatre Initiative

Written by , on October 12, 2008

The Mayor of Lomdon has launched a "Green Theatre Initiative", saying that that “the power of the theatre industry to set an example in the fight against climate change is immense”. The Plan highlights a number of benefits to going green, firstly by allowing theatres to lead the way by “showing our audiences and other theatre […]  Read more »