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Monthly Archive: April 2009

Using Sea Shells to Clean the Sea Shore

Written by , on April 28, 2009

A team of researchers led by Stephan Kohler of the Graz University of Technology in Austria have completed tests showing that sea shells can remove heavy metal pollution from water. The researchers have cleansed water in Vietnam’s Saigon River, which was tainted with toxic metals like cadmium, zinc, lead and iron from factories on the […]  Read more »

US Energy Commission Chair: “No Need for More Nuclear or Coal Plants Ever”

Written by , on April 26, 2009

John Wellinghoff, the Chairman of the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has told a U.S. Energy Association forum.that no new nuclear or coal plants may ever be needed in the United States, "We may not need any, ever," Mr Wellinghoff said. Renewables like wind, solar and biomass will provide enough energy to meet baseload capacity […]  Read more »

What’s Black and White and Green All Over?

Written by , on April 23, 2009

Print Recovery Concepts in Maine is manufacturing laser printer toner made using soybean oil rather than petroleum products. One of the biggest distributors of soy-based toner cartridges was LaserMonksGreen, a web site operated by Cistercian monks. As well as funding their abbey, the monks donated $1 to hunger relief, plant a tree in Brazil and […]  Read more »

Another Reason to Hate Spam

Written by , on April 22, 2009

Internet security company McAfee has released a report which says that 62 trillion junk emails were sent in 2008. Spam makes up around 97 percent of all email traffic. McAfee estimates that the electricity wasted by this much junk email would be sufficient to power 2.4 million US homes.  Read more »

Affordable Electric Scooter

Written by , on April 22, 2009

KLD Energy Technologies, an electric engine company based in Texas, has developed an new electric motor which it believes will overcome the disappointing performance and high price of electric scooters produced to date. The company has built an engine using nano-crystalline composite materials, which it says is ten times more efficient than traditional iron core […]  Read more »

Bright Idea Delivery Van

Written by , on April 22, 2009

John Waters, the engineer who invented the battery pack system for the EV1 electric vehicle, which was famously scrapped by General Motors in 1999, has launched his own electric vehicle company called Bright Automotive. Bright Automotive plans to have an extended-range electric delivery van in production by 2012 and to be turning out 50,000 vehicles […]  Read more »

Car Makers Agree on Standard Plug for Electric Vehicles

Written by , on April 21, 2009

Leading automotive and energy companies have reached agreement on a common "plug" to recharge electric cars. Car manufacturers including Volkswagen, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Fiat, Toyota and Mitsubishi and energy companies including Eon, Vattenfall, EDF, Npower, Endesa and Enel have agreed on a three-point, 400-volt plug. The higher voltage plug will allow vehicles to be […]  Read more »

Is “Cold Fusion” Real?

Written by , on April 21, 2009

In 1989, Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons anounced that they had demonstrated the production of excess heat during electrolysis with palladium cathodes in heavy water. The phenomenon was dubbed "cold fusion" and their claims were quickly dismissed. However, many laboratories have since repeated their expeiments. Although most have failed, a few have reported success. A […]  Read more »

PG&E Contracts to Buy Solar Energy from Space

Written by , on April 16, 2009

Pacific Gas and Electric, California’s biggest energy utility, has signed an agreement to buy 200 megawatts of solar energy to be beamed down from space. The company is now seeking approval from California’s Public Utilities Commission for the deal with Solaren Corp. Solaren would generate the power using solar panels in Earth orbit. The energy […]  Read more »

Santa Monica’s Garden Registry

Written by , on April 15, 2009

Santa Monica City in Los Angeles County has a number of community gardens but demand for space in them has become so great that residents are forced to wait an average of five years before a plot becomes available. Several ideas for creating more space, including using school grounds, rooftops and existing parks, were considered […]  Read more »