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Monthly Archive: May 2009

Cement Industry Agrees to Cut Greenhouse Gases

Written by , on May 25, 2009

The Cement Sustainability Initiative (CSI), whose 18 members produce about 30 percent of the world’s cement, has unveiled its vision of a "sectoral approach" to tackling carbon dioxide. The cement industry contributes about 5 percent of global carbon dioxide emissions and is expected to double its capacity by 2030 because of the rapid urbanization in […]  Read more »

US Offshore Wind Passes Hurdle

Written by , on May 22, 2009

A $US1 billion proposal to build the United States’ first big offshore wind farm passed a key hurdle on Thursday by winning permit requirements in Massachusetts, where iopposition from some influential residents had stalled the project for more than seven years. Cape Wind Associates plans to construct 130 wind turbines over an area of 62 […]  Read more »

Subaru Plans Low Emission Vehicles

Written by , on May 22, 2009

While most car makers have been announcing their grand plans for electric and hybrid cars, Fuji Heavy Industries which own Subaru, has been noticeably silent. It seems that Fuji wanted to produce a hybrid Subaru based on Toyota’s technology. Toyota is the largest shareholder in Subaru with a 16% stake and the two companies have […]  Read more »

China’s Booming Car Makers

Written by , on May 21, 2009

Car sales in China in April were 25 per cent higher than in the same month last year – and for the third month in a row, car sales in China exceeded those in the United States. The sales boom has been attributed to the Government’s halving of sales tax on small, fuel efficient cars. […]  Read more »

Locating Wind Turbines on Transmission Towers

Written by , on May 20, 2009

Three French designers, Nicola Delon, Julien Choppin and Raphael Menard, have won Metropolis Magazine’s 2009 Next Generation contest with the simple idea of instaling wind turbines on, or inside of, high-voltage electricity transmission towers. Although their suggestion of putting vertical axis turbines inside the structure of transmission towers may not be the most effective design, […]  Read more »

Smart Grid Will Be Far Bigger Than the Internet

Written by , on May 20, 2009

Cisco Systems Vice President, Marie Hattar, estimates that the "smart grid" could be 100 times, or even 1,000 times, the present size of the Internet. The smart grid is a modernised electricity network which would deliver electricity from suppliers to consumers using digital technology to save energy, reduce cost and increase reliability. Over time, people’s […]  Read more »

Lithium-air – The Next Generation of Batteries?

Written by , on May 20, 2009

Researchers in the UK are developing a rechargeable lithium-air battery that could deliver a ten-fold increase in energy capacity compared to that of currently available lithium-ion cells. The research at the University of St Andrews, with partners at Strathclyde and Newcastle, is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, Lithium-air batteries use a […]  Read more »

Taller Tower Improves Wind Turbine Efficiency

Written by , on May 18, 2009

 A new wind turbine going into production in Germany this week is expected to achieve 20% greater yield simply by having a taller tower. The novel tower has been installed at Germany’s Windtest field at Grevenbroich, near Cologne. The lower section of the tower consists of narrow concrete pre-fabricated parts while the upper 55 metres […]  Read more »

Electric Vehicle Battery Swapping Demonstration

Written by , on May 14, 2009

Better Place has released the video below demonstrating its battery swapping process. Better Place is planning a network of charging stations and battery swap facilities in Israel, Denmark, Australia and the United States. See this article at Aussie Renewables for more details. The battery swap demonstration at Yokohama took 1 minute and 13 seconds. Power […]  Read more »

Huge UK Wind Project Secures Funding

Written by , on May 13, 2009

The world’s largest offshore wind farm, the London Array, will begin construction this northern summer after the British government doubled its incentives for offshore wind energy. The project had been in doubt after Royal Dutch Shell pulled out of the scheme last year because of rising costs, leaving Denmark’s DONG Energy with a 50 percent […]  Read more »