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Monthly Archive: July 2010

Google Says 20-year Wind Power Agreement Is Good Business Sense

Written by , on July 26, 2010

Google’s energy subsidiary has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with NextEra Energy. Google will begin buying 114 megawatts of electricity from an Iowa wind farm later this year. Google intends to sell this energy on wholesale markets, and simultaneously buy energy where they need it. By buying the wind energy directly, Google has created […]  Read more »

Perennial Grains – The Next Agricultural Revolution?

Written by , on July 14, 2010

A group of 29 scientists have published an article in the prestigious Science journal arguing for the development of perennial grain crops which have been described as potentially "the biggest agricultural revolution for 10,000 years". Currently, most grain grown around the world has to be replanted after every crop. 70% of all cropland is used […]  Read more »

Cheap Energy Storage Using Gravel

Written by , on July 13, 2010

Engineers at Isentropic Ltd, a company in Cambridge UK, have developed a system for storing large amounts of energy cheaply using gravel. Currently, the most economically viable way of storing large amounts of energy is through pumped hydro, in which excess electricity is used to pump water up a hill. The water is held back […]  Read more »