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Monthly Archive: April 2011

Biofuels from Seaweed

Written by , on April 18, 2011

Producers of biofuels made from terrestrial biomass crops have difficulty breaking down some fibres and extracting fermentable sugars. The harsh pretreatment processes needed to release the sugars result in toxic byproducts and inhibit subsequent microbial fermentation. On the other hand, marine biomass can be easily degraded to fermentable sugars and production rates and range of […]  Read more »

Bio-engineered Bacteria That Repair Concrete

Written by , on April 16, 2011

A team of students from the UK’s Newcastle University has genetically modified bacteria to repair cracks in concrete. The microbes only start germinating when triggered by the specific pH of concrete. Once the cells have germinated, they swarm down the fine cracks in the concrete until they have reached the bottom where they start clumping. […]  Read more »

Solar Airconditioning for Trucks

Written by , on April 3, 2011

ICL, Mitsubishi Chemical and Nippon Fruehauf have co-developed an idling/stopped air conditioning system for trucks that uses photovoltaic cells and batteries. The air conditioning system uses a Nippon Fruehauf mount to install Mitsubishi Chemical’s PV cell modules on the container of the truck. It stores electricity in an ICL storage battery while the truck is […]  Read more »