The Mayor of Lomdon has launched a "Green Theatre Initiative", saying that that “the power of the theatre industry to set an example in the fight against climate change is immense”.

The Plan highlights a number of benefits to going green, firstly by allowing theatres to lead the way by “showing our audiences and other theatre industries what is possible.”  It points out the energy and money that can be saved, noting that a simple step such as ensuring that stage lights are only turned on half an hour before a performance would collectively save London theatres £100,000 a year in energy costs, and that such changes can be made without sacrificing artistic integrity.

In addition to a newsletter and information on its website, the Green Theatre Initiative will develop a database of sources where theatres can find funding and tax breaks for adopting green initiatives, and a compilation of proven methods that theatres can use to go green.

The Initiative was the idea of Gideon Banner, an actor known for performing with the Blue Man Group, so we can't resist including a sample of their work.