The United States and China have agreed on a plan for future co-operation on renewable energy.

The main elements of the agreement are:

  • Establishment of a US-China Clean Energy Research Centre to facilitate joint research and development of clean energy technologies by teams of scientists and engineers from the United States and China, as well as to serve as a clearinghouse to help researchers in both countries.
  • Establishment of a  US-China Electric Vehicles Initiative including joint standards development, demonstration projects in more than a dozen cities, technical roadmapping and public education projects.
  • Development of a new US-China Energy Efficiency Action Plan under which the two countries will work together to improve the energy efficiency of buildings, industrial facilities, and consumer appliances including working together to develop energy efficient building codes and rating systems, benchmark industrial energy efficiency, train building inspectors and energy efficiency auditors for industrial facilities, harmonize test procedures and performance metrics for energy efficient consumer products and exchange best practices in energy efficient labeling systems.
  • Development of a US-China Renewable Energy Partnership which will develop roadmaps for wide-spread renewable energy deployment in both countries and provide technical and analytical resources to support renewable energy deployment and facilitate partnerships to share experience and best practices.
  • Co-operation on cleaner uses of coal, including large-scale carbon capture and storage demonstration projects. 
  • Launching a new US-China Shale Gas Resource Initiative under which the U.S. and China will use experience gained in the United States to assess China’s shale gas potential, promote environmentally-sustainable development of shale gas resources, conduct joint technical studies to accelerate development of shale gas resources in China, and promote shale gas investment in China.
  • Establishment of a US-China Energy Cooperation Program which will leverage private sector resources for project development work in China across a broad array of clean energy projects. The program will include collaborative projects on renewable energy, smart grid, clean transportation, green building, clean coal, combined heat and power, and energy efficiency.