A revolutionary new power source, claimed to easily outperform all conventional engines, is to be demonstrated worldwide next week.

The technology, developed by K Kringle Inc, is claimed to be able to power a vehicle at 5,800 kilometres per second for a period of up to 24 hours. This would allow the vehicle to visit every home in the world within a single day. The main shortcoming of the technology is the long period of time needed for recharging – currently, recharging the vehicle takes a full 12 months.

A spokesman for the developers also mentioned concerns about the long-term viability of the company’s only manufacturing facility which, being located at the North Pole, is in danger of sinking if global warming melts the polar ice cap.

The company has also been criticised for its practice of keeping an extensive and secret client database. Civil liberty campaigners claim that the company has amassed information on all of the children in the world. A company spokesman said that, while it did have a very large database of delivery addresses, the only information that it kept on individuals was an single field indicating "naughty" or "nice".

Critics have argued that even this is a gross violation of civil liberties and that, at the very least, the company should be subject to freedom of information laws requiring it to advise its clients of their status and allowing them to challenge their classification if they wish to do so.