"Inflatable" Window Insulation

“Inflatable” Window Insulation

Michael Palin, a student designer at the University of Western Sydney, has been shortlisted for an Australian Design Award for a neat and attractive way of adding double glazing in a rental property.

The “inflatable window” is actually a clear polycarbonate sheet which has the same look and feel as glass. The clear sheet is fitted to a frame that that. uses an inflatable rubber tube to seal it into the window reveal. The rubber tubing provides a 100% air tight seal without damaging the building in any way.

The frame hides the inside of the existing window and the architrave and can be designed in a range of styles and painted if desired.

The secondary window is held into the frame with magnets, so that it can be easily removed and the window opened.

The Australian Building Codes Board says that 87% of heat loss and 48% of heat gain is through windows. Installing inflatable windows has been shown to improve insulation by up to 50%.