Ford has shipped its first all-electric Transit Connect van for the American market.

Ford Transit Connect

Ford Transit Connect

The Ford Transit Connect can achieve a range of up to 125 kilometres on a single charge and has a top speed of 120 kilometres per hour. It can be recharged at a 120-volt outlet in 12 to 16 hours or at a 240-volt outlet in six to eight hours. The van is targetted at fleet owners that have well-defined routes of predictable distances and a central location for recharging.

The Transit Connect Electric is to be released in Europe in 2011.

Ford has also announced that its Focus electric passenger car, which has been called the company’s “electric Model T”; will be released in North America in 2011 and Europe in 2012.

These will be followed by larger “C-max” hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars by 2013.