The South African Government and the US-based Clinton Climate Initiative have completed a pre-feasibilty study on the creation of a "solar park" in Northern Cape Province.

The solar park would ultimately generate 5.000 megawatts of electricity and cost $20 billion. Currently, the largest solar park in the world, in California’s Mojave Desert, generates 354 megawatts.

A detailed conceptual master plan is to be unveiled at the upcoming South African Solar Park Investors Conference on October 28 and 29

The solar park would host proven and emerging solar technologies including photovoltaic, concentrated photovoltaic and concentrating solar thermal power technologies such as power tower and parabolic trough alternatives. It would be built in stages with the first stage having a capacity of 1,000 megawatts.

The solar park would supply 11% of the electricity generating capacity in South Africa which also supplies power to neighbouring countries such as Zimbabwe.