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CO2 Absorbing Street Lights

Written by , on May 19, 2012

French biochemist Pierre Calleja has developed a lighting system that draws CO2 from the atmosphere and uses micro-algae to produce light with oxygen as a byproduct.  The inventor claims that one of his street lights will absorb CO2 at the rate of one tonne a year – which is about as much as a typical […]  Read more »

Huge Algal Oil Potential – But Not Yet

Written by , on March 26, 2011

A report from the Energy Biosciences Institute in Berkeley projects that, while algal oil production technology has the potential to produce several billion gallons of renewable fuel annually, development of cost-competitive algae biofuel production will require much more long- term research, development and demonstration. In the meantime, several non-fuel applications of algae could serve to […]  Read more »

Baking Soda Dramatically Boosts Oil Production from Algae

Written by , on November 16, 2010

Montana State University researchers have discovered that common baking soda, when added at a particular time in the growing cycle, can dramatically increase algae’s production of the key oil precursors for biodiesel. According to the scientists, the search for a chemical trigger to boost oil production in algae was a long and sometimes torturous journey. […]  Read more »

Biofuel from Bacteria

Written by , on May 28, 2010

Scientists at Arizona State University have reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science that they have genetically engineered bacteria to produce biofuel. Researchers Xinyao Liu and Roy Curtiss have engineered cyanobacteria (blue-green algae) that continuously secret the oil.  The scientists started by producing cyanobacteria carrying the enzyme thioesterase, that clips the bonds […]  Read more »

More Productive Algae for Fuel

Written by , on August 25, 2009

Aurora Biofuels, a California company, says it has cultivated a strain of algae that doubles the production of biodiesel by absorbing more than twice as much carbon dioxide as conventional strains. Normally, algae absorb more carbon dioxide in low light and decrease the amount absorbed as the light gets brighter during the day. By a […]  Read more »

ExxonMobil to Make Fuel from Algae

Written by , on July 15, 2009

ExxonMobil and biotech firm Synthetic Genomics have announced a new alliance to produce fuel made from photosynthetic algae. ExxonMobil expects to spend more than $600 million on the initial phase project. Exxon Mobil’s collaboration with Synthetic Genomics will last five to six years and will involve the creation of a new test facility in San […]  Read more »

Bill Gates to Invest in Algae

Written by , on September 18, 2008

Bill Gates’ Cascade Investment is putting money in Sapphire Energy, which plans to make second generation biofuels out of algae. The company announced that it has raised more than $100 million from investors. The San Diego-based company hopes to make commercial amounts of the fuel in three to five years for a cost of $50 […]  Read more »

Algae to Ethanol Deal

Written by , on June 12, 2008

A Baltimore, Maryland company, Algenol, has signed an $850 million deal with Biofields, a Mexican company, to grow algae for fuel production. Algenol plans to make 100 million gallons of ethanol by the end of 2009 and to increase this to a billion gallons – more than 10% of the United States’ current ethanol capacity […]  Read more »