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Behind the Green Spin

Written by , on September 10, 2008

At our meeting on September 8, Richard Collins, managing editor of WME media, told us about the six sins of greenwash, and how to keep promotions on the right side. “GreenWashing”, making misleading or false claims about the environmental benefits of a product or service, is being clamped down on by ACCC and other industry […]  Read more »

Businesses Buying Recycled

Written by , on August 30, 2008

At our August 25 meeting, we discussed purchasing products made from recycled materials – a simple step businesses can take to reduce their environmental impact and support recycling systems. Lyndall McKernan from the Buy Recycled Business Alliance (BRBA) highlighted the importance of ‘buying recycled’ and provided an overview of Australia’s first national Recycled Product Directory […]  Read more »

Rethinking Business for a Carbon Economy

Written by , on August 30, 2008

On August 11, our meeting discussed how business enterprises will benefit from rethinking their processes in an economy, which must consider finite natural resources and the need to strive for a sustainable future. Helen Weston gave a talk about how to understand the new government policies, including the new carbon pollution reduction scheme and what […]  Read more »

Printing That Doesn’t Cost the Earth

Written by , on July 28, 2008

At our GreenBiz Café meeting on 28th July 2008, industry expert Zaidee Jackson, talked about how printing affects our carbon footprint and why choosing a green printer makes a difference.  Read more »

How to Start Up a Green Business

Written by , on July 14, 2008

Our first GreenBiz Café meeting was held on 14th July 2008. The topic for the night was: What’s involved in starting and growing a green or renewable business. Join Alistair Duncan (Eco Living Centre), Don Pyke (Ecolimo Australia Pty Ltd) and Mary Hendriks (Aussie Renewables), offered their insights.  The talk was followed by informal discussions […]  Read more »

Green Roofs

Written by , on May 28, 2008

How a small business is using rooftop gardens to solve heating, cooling and pollution problems in cities.  Read more »

Green Icecream

Written by , on May 28, 2008

Jerry Greenfield tells how a small icecream parlour become a successful franchise chain through a policy of social and environmental activism.  Read more »

Timberland – A Waste Management Success Story

Written by , on May 27, 2008

The Timberland CEO, Jeffrey Swartz, talks about how his company pioneered profitable green business practices.  Read more »

Ray Anderson on Sustainable Manufacturing

Written by , on May 27, 2008

Since the days after his graduation from the Georgia Institute of Technology as an industrial engineer, Ray Anderson has applied his entrepreneurial spirit to building one of the world’s largest interior furnishings companies. After founding the Interface carpet company in 1973, Ray and his company revolutionized the commercial floorcovering industry by producing America’s first free-lay […]  Read more »

Birdbath – an Eco-friendly Bakery

Written by , on May 25, 2008

See how a small business like a bakery can succeed by focusing on the environmental impact of its business and products.  Read more »