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200 Years Progress

Written by , on December 2, 2010

In this video clip from the BBC’s "Joy of Stats", Professor Hans Rosling traces the progress of 200 countries over 200 years (in just 4 minutes) and projects it into the future.  Read more »

Worldwide Investments in Renewables

Written by , on March 29, 2010

An international meeting on climate finance has approved plans to mobilise US$40 billion for country-led low-carbon growth. The Clean Technology Fund endorsed investment plans for Colombia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, bringing the number of plans in place around the world to 13. Donors to the Fund, which is managed by the World Bank, are the […]  Read more »

Report: Renewables Would Create 2.7 million New Jobs

Written by , on September 16, 2009

Greenpeace and the European Renewable Energy Council have released a report into the impact of switching to renewable on employment. According to the report, called Working for the Climate, switching to renewable forms of electricity and phasing out coal would create 2.7 million additional new jobs. The report concludes that a total of 11.3 million […]  Read more »

How California Does It

Written by , on February 24, 2009

California’s per capita electricity use has remained constant since the 1970s – despite ever-larger homes, more electric gadgets and almost doubling of the State’s economy. In the rest of the United States, per capita consumption has increased by 50%. On average, Californians emit 20% less greenhouse gases than people in such "green" countries as Germany […]  Read more »

Finance Leaders Agree to Climate Principles

Written by , on December 4, 2008

A group of major international financial institutions has joined to launch a new code to guide best practice across the sector to deal with the risks and opportunities of climate change. The new code, titled The Climate Principles, is the first comprehensive industry framework for the sector’s response to climate change and has been adopted […]  Read more »

A Green New Deal

Written by , on October 13, 2008

The Independent newspaper has reported that "top economists and United Nations leaders are working on a "Green New Deal" to create millions of jobs, revive the world economy, slash poverty and avert environmental disaster". The ambitious plan, which the paper says will be formally launched in London next week, will call on world leaders, including […]  Read more »

Is This 1929?

Written by , on October 10, 2008

The stock market crash of 1929 is generally taken beginning of the Great Depression. In fact, the stock market significantly recovered within a few months. The real problems started when consumer confidence failed in the early 1930s, leading to a downward spiral in consumption, production and employment. There have been comparisons between 1929 and the […]  Read more »

US Senate Passes Renewable Energy Incentive Law

Written by , on October 4, 2008

While the world focused on the US Senate’s bill to bail out the banks, a "sweetener" added to the final version of the bill to help get it through the House of Representatives may well prove to be more important than its effect on the stock market. The renewable energy tax incentive legislation provides about […]  Read more »

The Good News from Wall Street

Written by , on October 2, 2008

While finance institutions are struggling as a result of the collapsing US house market and falling oil prices, the Cleantech Group has reported record global investment in renewables. In the quarter to 30 September, global investment in the clean technology sector was up by 37% over last year and by 17% over the previous quarter. […]  Read more »

China Taking Lead in Renewables

Written by , on August 2, 2008

China is already the world’s leading renewable energy producer and is over-taking more developed economies in exploiting valuable economic opportunities, creating green-collar jobs and leading development of critical low carbon technologies, according to a new report to be published by The Climate Group*.  The key findings of the report include: China is already the world’s […]  Read more »