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Global warming

Do 97% of Climate Scientists Agree about Climate Change? (Hint: It’s Many More)

Written by , on January 24, 2016

Almost everyone seems to accept the often quoted claim that 97% of climate scientists agree that climate change is real and man-made – but is the figure accurate?  Read more »

Temperatures May Rise a Little More Slowly Then Previously Estimated

Written by , on May 20, 2013

Climate scientists agree that temperatures are currently rising faster than they have been for 11,000 years and thet the Earth is continuing to warm rapidly. However, a new analysis taking into account the temperature rise in the most recent decade suggests that the Earth will warm a little more slowly over this century previously thought. […]  Read more »

Richard Alley Explains Ice Ages, CO2 & Global Warming

Written by , on December 11, 2010

For his fans, here’s more of the all-dancing, all-singing Richard Alley:  Read more »

Engineering Crops to Reduce Warming

Written by , on November 12, 2010

Researchers at Bristol University are investigating the possibility that developing crop plants, such as wheat, with broad shiny leaves could reflect a substantial amount of sunlight and help to reduce global warming.  Read more »

Aircraft Cause 10-15% of Arctic Warming

Written by , on December 23, 2009

An analysis by atmospheric scientists at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, has shown that, in the Arctic, aircraft vapour trails have caused 15–20% of surface warming. Globally, commercial aircraft vapour trails have been responsible for 4–8% of surface warming since records began in 1850 – equivalent to a temperature increase of 0.03–0.06°C. Previously, it […]  Read more »

Study: Capturing CO2 or Using Nuclear Power Will Not Stop Global Warming

Written by , on July 15, 2009

According to scientists at Luleå University of Technology in Sweden, attempting to tackle global warming by capturing carbon dioxide or switching to nuclear power will not work because a large part of the warming results from the heat produced by industrial processes rather than the greenhouse effect. In a paper published in the International Journal […]  Read more »

Reflecting Crops Could Reduce Global Warming

Written by , on January 18, 2009

British researchers, writing in the Current Biology journal, say that growing crop varieties that reflect more sunlight into space could cool much of Europe, North America and parts of North Asia by up to one degree Celsius during the summer growing season. "We found that different varieties of most food crops do differ in how […]  Read more »

“60 Minutes” Global Warming Skepticism

Written by , on August 17, 2008

Australia’s “60 Minutes” has broadcast an item called “Crunch Time” which made much of the opinions of David Evans, a computer programmer with a PhD in electrical engineering who once worked on a mathematical modeling program for the Australian Greenhouse Office. Dr Evans put two arguments to support his view that global warming is not […]  Read more »


Written by , on May 16, 2008

Many climate change campaigns have used the dramatic photographs of the diminishing snow of Kilamanjara as evidence of global warming. In fact, the snows have been retreating for decades – perhaps centuries. The real reason for the diminishing snows is deforestation at the base of the mountain. This has resulted in less moisture in the […]  Read more »

The Climate Change Slideshow

Written by , on April 28, 2008

Climate Change Slideshows seem to fashionable. Here’s mine:  Read more »