A Brooklyn company called SMIT(Sustainably Minded Interactive Technology) is taking orders for a product called Solar Ivy which is leaf-like solar panels that can be arranged artistically on a building’s facade.

Solar Ivy
Solar Ivy

Solar Ivy can be customized in several ways:

  • Each leaf can be coloured.
  • The density of the leaves can be increased or reduced for energy gain, visibility requirements or architectural needs.
  • The leaves can have more or less pitch or angle at different places to take into account architectural and aesthetic priorities
  • Solar Ivy can be produced with one of several different types of photovoltaic material.

The stainless steel mesh that roots Solar Ivy to a building or sub-structure is flexible enough to stretch, bend and curve to hug the contours of almost any surface.

As well as artistic designs, Solar Ivy can be used for commercial purposes such as displaying logos on buildings.