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We Launch a Free Board Game

Written by , on December 15, 2010

Game to Be Green is a renewable energy strategy game where players seek to become the renewable the energy moguls of the future. Players buy and manage business assets to replace the Main City’s coal-fired power generation with renewable energy and energy efficiency. The winner is the player with the most income-producing assets (measured in […]  Read more »

200 Years Progress

Written by , on December 2, 2010

In this video clip from the BBC’s "Joy of Stats", Professor Hans Rosling traces the progress of 200 countries over 200 years (in just 4 minutes) and projects it into the future.  Read more »

The Electric Car Song

Written by , on September 14, 2010

A musical interlude from They Might Be Giants:  Read more »

The Majestic Plastic Bag

Written by , on August 20, 2010

The Californian environmental group Heal the Bay has released this BBC nature file-style mockumentary:  Read more »

“Oysters Love Crude Oil” (American Petroleum Institute)

Written by , on June 6, 2010

No doubt this clip from a 1960s American Petroleum Institute film will eliminate any concerns that you might have that oil spills could harm the environment.  Read more »

Earth (in the Age of Oil)

Written by , on May 31, 2010

Our latest YouTube video clip is a look at what our dependence on oil is doing to the Earth.  Read more »

All-Electric Grand Prix

Written by , on May 27, 2010

In case you were worried that the end of oil would mean the end of motor sport, here’s highlights of the TTXGP, claimed to be the first all-electric zero-emission motorcycle grand prix.  Read more »

Our New Video

Written by , on May 16, 2010

GreenBiz Cafe has a new video clip on YouTube – enjoy!  Read more »

Another Problem from Climate Change

Written by , on May 15, 2010

Climate change is threatening some of our favourite cliches. These are some that we will need to update: Images from Wikimedia Commons: "CO2-Temp" by Hanno, "Richmond Flood" by Iridescent, "Running Hare" by Marlene Thyssen, "Black Sea Oil Spill" by Marine Photobank, "Dead Zone" by Jkeiser and "Flowers of Prunus Tomentosa in May" by Pauk  Read more »

The Story of Cap and Trade

Written by , on January 21, 2010

  Read more »