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China Orders 2,087 Polluting Factories to Close

Written by , on August 10, 2010

The Chinese government has ordered over 2,087 firms in high-polluting and energy-intensive industries to shut down outdated plant by the end of September. Companies that fail to do so risk having bank loans frozen, approvals for new projects and land purchases refused and their electricity cut off. Companies effected produce steel, coal, cement, aluminium, glass […]  Read more »

Google Says 20-year Wind Power Agreement Is Good Business Sense

Written by , on July 26, 2010

Google’s energy subsidiary has signed a 20-year power purchase agreement with NextEra Energy. Google will begin buying 114 megawatts of electricity from an Iowa wind farm later this year. Google intends to sell this energy on wholesale markets, and simultaneously buy energy where they need it. By buying the wind energy directly, Google has created […]  Read more »

Spain Becomes World’s Leading Solar Producer

Written by , on June 22, 2010

Spain has overtaken the US as the biggest solar electricity generator in the world. The opening of the new La Florida solar plant at Alvarado, Badajoz, in the west of the country, takes Spain’s solar output to 432 megawatts, compared with the US output of 422 megawatts. The La Florida plant produces 50 megawatts of […]  Read more »

Copenhagen Mandates Green Roofs

Written by , on June 10, 2010

Green roofs are now required by law on all new buildings with roof slopes of less than 30 degrees in Copenhagen. It is hoped that as much as 5,000 square metres will be covered with new vegetation each year. The initiative is part of the city’s plan to become the world’s first totally carbon neutral […]  Read more »

Coal Fires Burning for 50 years To Be Put Out

Written by , on June 9, 2010

The world’s worst underground coal fires are in Inner Mongolia. Some have been burning for 50 years. The amount of coal being burned is estimated to be about 20 million tonnes a year. The Inner Mongolia regional government has now announced plans and financing of 200 million yuan ($au36 million) to begin extinguishing the fires. […]  Read more »

Electric Car Makes 1000km on a Single Charge

Written by , on June 8, 2010

The Japan Electric Vehicle Club has exceeded its own Guinness record for longest distance driven without recharging, achieving 1,003.184 km over 27.5 hours. The club’s Daihatsu Mira EV was powered by a Sanyo battery system containing more than 8,320 lithium-ion batteries and ran at a speed of about 40 km/h at a track in Shimotsuma, […]  Read more »

Rapid Growth in European Wind Power Generation

Written by , on May 13, 2010

According to the European Wind Energy Association, the European wind power industry grew 54% in 2009. The Association is projecting 75% market growth in 2010. The UK and Denmark respectively accounted for 44% and 30% of European capacity in 2009. The Association’s Chief Executive, Christian Kjaer, commented that, “Realistically, wind can provide 50% of power […]  Read more »

Worldwide Investments in Renewables

Written by , on March 29, 2010

An international meeting on climate finance has approved plans to mobilise US$40 billion for country-led low-carbon growth. The Clean Technology Fund endorsed investment plans for Colombia, Indonesia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine, bringing the number of plans in place around the world to 13. Donors to the Fund, which is managed by the World Bank, are the […]  Read more »

Toshiba in Talks about Developing Travelling Wave Reactors

Written by , on March 24, 2010

Toshiba is in talks Terrapower, a company backed by Bill Gates, to jointly develop traveling wave nuclear reactors which are designed to use depleted uranium as fuel and could run for 60 years or more without refueling. (See  Read more »

Chinese Government Kills Off the Hummer

Written by , on February 28, 2010

The Chinese Government has blocked General Motors attempt to sell Hummer to Sichuan Tengzhong Heavy Industrial Machinery, a private Chinese company that manufactures heavy vehicles and road-building equipment. As a result, General Motors will now dismantle the brand. John Smith, General Motors’ Vice President of Corporate Planning and Alliances, said that “GM will now work […]  Read more »