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Wave & Tide

Wave and tide energy

Frank Fish’s Fin Fans Go To Sea

Written by , on November 25, 2010

Back in 2008, we wrote about the discovery by Dr Frank Fish that the bumps on humpback whale flippers gave the whales more power and manouverability (see Frank Fish’s Fin Fans) and the possibility of this being applied to the design of wind turbines. Now the US Navy has taken up the idea. US Naval […]  Read more »

Hundreds of Turbines Proposed for Mississippi River

Written by , on November 9, 2010

Free Flow Power has been granted rights to explore the potential for dozens of turbine locations along the 3,700 kilometre Mississippi Rriver. The company is working on a plan to install hundreds of 40-kilowatt hydrokinetic turbines, each the size of a large jet engine, along the bottom of the River. The project developers say that […]  Read more »

World’s Most Powerful Tide Power Tubine

Written by , on August 13, 2010

Atlantis Resources Corporation has unveiled the largest and most powerful tidal power turbine ever built. It is due for installation at a dedicated berth at the European Marine Energy Centre, located in Orkney, Scotland later this summer. Despatching 1 megawatt of predictable power at a water velocity of 2.65m/s, the turbine is designed for harsh […]  Read more »

Wave-powered Desalination

Written by , on May 29, 2010

Independent Natural Resources Inc, has received a permit for a wave powered facility to desalinate water off the coast of Freeport, Texas. The company hopes that the system will be in operation by the end of the year. The facility will be a 25 by 50 metre platform under which there will be 18 of […]  Read more »

Underwater Kites to Tap Tidal Power

Written by , on May 12, 2010

Minesto, a Swedish company which is a spin-off from Saab, has obtained funding to test underwater tidal power kites off the coast of Northern Ireland. The underwater tidal kite consists of a turbine, generator, rudder, which is attached to the bottom with a tether. According to Minesto, it can produce energy in deep water with low […]  Read more »

South Korea to Build World’s Largest Tidal Plant

Written by , on January 25, 2010

The world’s largest tidal power station is to be constructed off the west coast of South Korea at Incheon. GS Engineering and Construction has signed a memorandum of understanding with Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power to begin construction next year with a view to completion around 2017. The power station will have a capacity of […]  Read more »

World’s Largest Wave Power Generator Launched

Written by , on November 30, 2009

The world’s largest working wave energy electricity generating device has been officially launched in Scotland. Known as Oyster, the device, built by Aquamarine Power, is stationed at the European Marine Energy Center Billia Croo site near Stromness. At present, it is the world’s only wave energy device which is producing power to the grid. Oyster […]  Read more »

Australia Has Greatest “Blue Energy” Potential

Written by , on October 30, 2009

The term "blue energy" refers to salinity gradient power – the energy retrieved from the difference in the salt concentration between seawater and river water. The power is generated using osmosis with ion-specific membranes. Jan Post, at Wageningen University in the Netherlands, has researched the global potential for electric power generated in this way. His […]  Read more »

New Technique for Power from Salt Water

Written by , on September 3, 2009

Scientists in the Netherlands have previously succeeded in generating electricity at the point where salt and fresh water mix in an estuary using a membrane. Unfortunately, the membranes are expensive and delicate, making the technique costly. Now Doriano Brogioli of the University of Milan Bicocca in Monza, Italy, has published a paper in the Physical […]  Read more »

New Wave Power Technology Demonstrated

Written by , on May 9, 2009

A British company, Checkmate Seaenergy Ltd, has demonstrated a new wave energy device known as “Anaconda”.. Its inventors claim the key to its success lies in its simplicity: Anaconda is little more than a length of rubber tubing filled with water. Waves in the water create bulges which travel along the tubing gathering energy. In […]  Read more »