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Wave & Tide

Wave and tide energy

Energy Islands

Written by , on May 17, 2008

Researchers at te University of Southhampton are proposing to build a floating “Energy Island” which would harness energy from the wind, sea currents, waves, the sun and the by Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion. OTEC uses the temperature difference between surface and deep-sea water to generate electricity. Although it has an efficiency of just 1-3%, researchers […]  Read more »

Tide Power

Written by , on May 1, 2008

One method of using tidal motion to generate electricity is employed in this power plant on the Rance Estuary in France. How It Works A different method is being tested in New York. Underwater turbines generate electricity from the tidal motion.  Read more »

Wave Power

Written by , on May 1, 2008

Several methods of generating electricity from waves have been developed. One method is being tested at Port Kembla, New South Wales. How It Works A different method is being developed at Freemantle in Western Australia:  The motion of the waves moves a “farm” of underwater balloons. The motion is used to pump water ashore where […]  Read more »

$20 million Prize for Ocean Power

Written by , on April 3, 2008

In Washington yesterday, Scotland’s First Minister, Alex Salmond, announced a $US 20 million prize for innovators from any nation who design environmentally friendly ocean technology, such as better ways to harness tidal, wave or offshore wind power. Mr Salmond said that Scotland wanted “to target an aspect of renewables that on one hand has amazing […]  Read more »