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New Business Models

New business models

Major Contributions to Open Source

Written by , on June 23, 2008

GlaxoSmithKline, the world’s second largest pharmaceutical company, which has spent a fortune researching cancer, has announced that it is making most of its information available to the research community for free. Glaxo’s logic is that academics and small companies to do pioneering work — identifying new targets for medications, discovering early warning signs and figuring […]  Read more »

Green Roofs

Written by , on May 28, 2008

How a small business is using rooftop gardens to solve heating, cooling and pollution problems in cities.  Read more »

Green Icecream

Written by , on May 28, 2008

Jerry Greenfield tells how a small icecream parlour become a successful franchise chain through a policy of social and environmental activism.  Read more »

Timberland – A Waste Management Success Story

Written by , on May 27, 2008

The Timberland CEO, Jeffrey Swartz, talks about how his company pioneered profitable green business practices.  Read more »

Ray Anderson on Sustainable Manufacturing

Written by , on May 27, 2008

Since the days after his graduation from the Georgia Institute of Technology as an industrial engineer, Ray Anderson has applied his entrepreneurial spirit to building one of the world’s largest interior furnishings companies. After founding the Interface carpet company in 1973, Ray and his company revolutionized the commercial floorcovering industry by producing America’s first free-lay […]  Read more »

Birdbath – an Eco-friendly Bakery

Written by , on May 25, 2008

See how a small business like a bakery can succeed by focusing on the environmental impact of its business and products.  Read more »

A Solar-powered Laundromat

Written by , on May 25, 2008

A Chicago laundromat shows how solar technology can be successfully applied in a small business – even in a cold and cloudy climate.  Read more »

A Conversation with Richard Branson & Vinod Khosla

Written by , on May 25, 2008

In September 2006, Charlie Rose recorded a video of a conversation with entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, Chairman and CEO of the Virgin Group and venture capitalist Vinod Khosla about their global environmental initiatives, the threat of global warming, and the potential of green technology. They also discuss Branson’s $3 billion commitment to fund research in […]  Read more »

“Free Green” House Plans

Written by , on May 18, 2008

FreeGreen is an American architecture and engineering company which is offering its house plans – with full construction specifications normally costing thousands of dollars – for free (See The environmentally friendly design come with suggestions for particular products which meet FreeGreen’s specifications. Of course, clients can choose any products they like but the company’s […]  Read more »

New Business Models

Written by , on May 14, 2008

The success of Wikipedia has brought the notion of commons to public attention. Commons are not new but were a dominant part of most economic systems prior to the Industrial Revolution. In England, for example, the people of a village would have an area of common land which they could all use for grazing cattle, […]  Read more »