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Who Are the 99% and Why Are They Angry?

Written by , on November 22, 2011

Measured by income, the top 1% of Australian income earners get more than $250,000 a year. That is, if you earn less than $250,000, you’re in the 99%. In terms of household wealth, the richest 1% of Australian households have net assets totalling more than $5 million. So, if you’re worth less than $5 million, […]  Read more »

The Death Throes of Printed Newspapers?

Written by , on July 20, 2011

Could the current scandals surrounding Rupert Murdoch and his News Corporation organisation be a sign that printed newspapers are in their death throes? Dubious behaviour in a corporation and its management is often a sign of a failing business desperate for revenue. Printed newspapers are a relic of the industrial age and News Corporation seems […]  Read more »

Open Source “Civilization Starter Kit”

Written by , on May 15, 2011

Realizing that the appropriate, low-cost tools for affordable, sustainable farming and settlement didn’t exist, Marcin Jakubowski decided to build them. The idea was to create an easily repairable, modular and scalable set of tools providing everything you need to build, or rebuild, civilization. The result was a group called Open Source Ecolody, and an open […]  Read more »

Sustainable Sanitation for Slums

Written by , on November 26, 2010

It is estimated that around 2.6 billion people have no proper sanitation. A group of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have developed a low cost, modular sanitation solution which they call "Sanergy". The project, which would be operated and maintained by locals and the waste transported to nearby processing plants, through a network […]  Read more »

China Orders 2,087 Polluting Factories to Close

Written by , on August 10, 2010

The Chinese government has ordered over 2,087 firms in high-polluting and energy-intensive industries to shut down outdated plant by the end of September. Companies that fail to do so risk having bank loans frozen, approvals for new projects and land purchases refused and their electricity cut off. Companies effected produce steel, coal, cement, aluminium, glass […]  Read more »

The InfoLadies of Bangladesh

Written by , on May 23, 2010

D.Net, a non-profit research organisation, is bringing some of the benefits of modern technology to impoverished rural villages in Bangladesh through a band of “InfoLadies”. The InfoLadies are young women equipped with a bicycle, phone, some medical equipment and a netbook loaded with information on topics from agriculture to health, sanitation and disaster management. The […]  Read more »

Male Contraceptive Proven Effective

Written by , on January 30, 2010

Researchers from the Beijing-based Chinese National Research Institute for Family Planning have reported a method for male contraception that they say is effective, reversible and without serious short-term side effects. In the testing conducted with nine other research centers around China, 1,045 healthy fertile males were injected monthly with 500 milligrams of a formulation of […]  Read more »

Environmental Patents Placed in the Public Domain

Written by , on January 24, 2010

Leading members of the corporate community, including IBM, Sony, Nolia and Pitney-Bowes, have come together in a first-of-its-kind effort to help the environment, unleashing dozens of innovative, environmentally responsible patents to the public domain. The pledged portfolio, dubbed the "Eco-Patent Commons", is available on a dedicated, public website,, hosted by the World Business Council […]  Read more »

India Approves Ambitious Solar Plan

Written by , on January 15, 2010

The Indian government has approved the first phase of the proposed "Solar Mission" under which 20 gigawatts of solar capacity is to be installed by 2022 by which time it is hoped that India will have established itself as a global leader in solar power. In the first phase, which has now been formally approved, […]  Read more »

Another Big Solar Power Plant for China

Written by , on January 13, 2010

China has signed an agreement with the California company, eSolar, to build a 2,000 megawatt solar thermal power plant in the Yulin Energy Park in the Mongolian desert in northern China. Four months ago, an Arizona company, First Solar, secured a contract to build an equally large photovoltaic power plant just 80 kilometres south of […]  Read more »