A recent New York City competition produced a poposal to turn phone booths into electric vehicle charging points..

While the demand for public phones is declining rapidly, the need for vehicle charging stations in uban locations is increasing.

It had been expected that electric vehicles would be most popular in locations close to urban centres while hybrids would be popular in the suburbs where longer range is an advantage. However, the opposite is proving to be the case – suburban houses usually have garages where electric vehicles can be charged. but homes in dense urban areas often do not have anywhere that an electric vehicle could be charged. So, public charging points in urban areas are essential if electric vehicles to become popular there.

One of the problems with putting charging points into urban locations is the cost of installing power lines to them. But telephone booths already have electric power.

Although telephone booths may not be ideal locations for parking a car while it is charging and may not be able to provide fast charging, they could be an interim solution while a large fast-charge network develops.