Game to Be Green


Rather than finding ways of producing electricity from renewable sources, we can reduce our need for electricity by becoming more efficient in our use of energy. This not only helps the environment but also saves us money.

Energy efficiency businesses provide advice about how to save energy and may also install equipment to help save energy.

How It Works - in the Home

In the home, most energy is used for heating, cooling, hot water and lighting. The need for heating and cooling can be reduced by installing insulation. Incandescent lights can be replaced with much more efficient compact fluorescent and LED lighting. In many cases, solar thermal hot water systems can eliminate the need to use electricity or gas to heat water. Installing a solar hot water system can save as much energy as taking a car off the road.

Solar water heater

How It Works - in Businesses

In a business, energy efficiency consultants will conduct an audit of the energy being used and compare this with similar businesses which are operating efficiently. They will often recommend ways in which the business can save energy, and produce an action plan to achieve these savings. The consultants may also monitor the performance of the business in carrying out the plan.