Game to Be Green


Game to Be Green is designed to be played using very low cost components with moves being controlled through an internet site.

The Game Board

The game is played on a board which is designed to be printed by the user. The board can be printed as one A2 page or as four A4 pages which are taped together.

If you don't have access to an A2 printer, taping A4 sheets together works well for the occasional game but, if you prefer an A2 sheet, most large office supply stores will print an A2 copy from a file supplied on a memory card or USB stick for a reasonable price.

Download A2 board

Download A4 Board - Top Left Quarter
Download A4 Board - Top Right Quarter
Download A4 Board - Bottom Left Quarter
Download A4 Board - Bottom Right Quarter

Asset Cards

The Asset cards are designed to be printed on paper. There are three sheets, each with six cards. The sheets are cut apart and then folded in half to make two-sided cards.

Download Asset Cards


There are four denominations of play money - $10 million, $20 million, $50 million and $100 million. They can be printed from these sheets.

Download $10 million Money Sheet
Download $20 million Money Sheet
Download $50 million Money Sheet
Download $100 million Money Sheet

Each sheet contains ten notes. Two copies of each sheet should be plenty for any game.

Alternatively, Monopoly money can be used or you can simply keep count using a pen and paper.

Ownership Tokens

Each player needs a number of tokens to indicate which sites on the board they own. There are 18 sites so, in theory, one player could need 18 tokens but, in practice, 12 tokens of a different colour for each player is usually plenty.

2x3 Lego blocks make ideal Ownership tokens.


There are sixty positions for powerlines on the board.

2x1 Lego blocks make ideal Powerline tokens.

Energy Tokens

A total of 36 Energy tokens are needed.

Buttons, bottle tops, game counters or even poker chips are fine.