Game to Be Green


Game to Be Green is a strategy and financial game for 2 to 6 players.

The winner is the player with the most income-producing assets (measured in “Energy Tokens”) and cash when the game ends.

The game is designed to be played using very low cost components with moves being controlled through an internet site.


The game is played on a board which is designed to be printed by the user. The board can be printed as one A2 page or as four A4 pages which are taped together.

Each move in the game is displayed on screen at The screen is designed to work with smart phones as well as on computers.

Paper play money, like Monopoly money, helps keep score but is not essential. It can be printed on paper.


Game to Be Green has two main phases, the BUILD stage and the BENEFIT stage.

The goal of the BUILD stage is to acquire a suite of renewable energy businesses and to connect those businesses to the Main City. An energy business is awarded Energy Tokens, and begins to earn income, only when it is connected to the Main City.

The goal of the BENEFIT stage is to complete connection of any businesses not yet linked to the Main City and to earn income.

Setting Up the Game

The BUILD phase consists of 50 moves displayed at random. These include 10 bonus Knowledge questions which give extra income and a free turn if the player answers a trivia-type question correctly.

Place all the Energy Tokens on the area of the board marked Coal Power Plants.

Place all the Asset cards and powerlines to one side.

Each player chooses a colour and takes all the ownership tokens of that colour.

Each player receives $300 million in a 2- or 3-player game; $250 million in a 4– or 5– player game or $150 million in a 6-player game.

Playing the Game

Decide who goes first by a throw of dice or any other agreed method. From that person, play then goes clockwise.

Go to, start the game and click "Start the Build Phase".

Read aloud the description of what has happened, click "Continue" and follow the instruction.

If the action involves the purchase of an Asset, the player takes an Asset card (“connected” side down until connecting powerlines are completed) and places a coloured token on the corresponding asset square on the board to indicate ownership.

Once a power business is connected, turn the Asset card to the Connected side and take the nominated number of Energy Tokens and place them on your Asset Card.

When the end of the Build Phase is reached, any remaining Assets are auctioned.

In the Benefit phase, play continues as before.

Ending the Game

The winner is the player with the most income-producing assets and cash at the end of the Benefit stage. This is calculated by multiplying the number of Energy Tokens held by 100 and adding the cash held.