Mexico’s President Calderon has announced his intention to support a project by Rubenius, a Dubai-based alternative energy and smart grid company, to provide energy storage to enable better use of renewable energy and manage the power grid more efficiently.

Rubenius will install 1,000 megawatts of sodium sulphide energy storage batteries, at a cost of over $4 billion. The company has purchased 140 hectares of land in Baja California, Mexico, near the US border at San Diego. Rubenius will offer the storage capacity to energy firms and utilities in both countries, making deployment of wind and solar energy more viable.

The site is in the "Silicon Border" science park which was developed for manufacturing high tech products in Mexicali, Mexico, and picked for its existing infrastructure and close proximity to both the Baja California power grid and parts of the US grid.

In addition to the world’s first energy warehouse, Rubenius intends to develop energy storage manufacturing operations. The new factory will also be based in the Silicon Border creating an additional 1,000  jobs there.