According to the European Wind Energy Association, the European wind power industry grew 54% in 2009. The Association is projecting 75% market growth in 2010. The UK and Denmark respectively accounted for 44% and 30% of European capacity in 2009.

The Association’s Chief Executive, Christian Kjaer, commented that, “Realistically, wind can provide 50% of power supplies by 2050 if the necessary changes to infrastructure and markets are made. The potential is there and the industry is ready. All we have to do is maintain current growth rates on- and offshore."

One of the keys to expansions in the UK is the agreement by energy companies to pay for a new radar system to allay Ministry of Defence concerns about the threat to national security posed by offshore wind farms which the Royal Air Force believes could cause blind spots in air defences.

The deal paves the way for a £7 billion ($au15 billion) investment in the construction of 924 wind turbines off the east coast which has been held up for years during negotiations about the radar.