Axiom Exergy, which specializes in providing energy saving solutions for large supermarkets and refrigerated warehouses, has developed a “refrigeration battery” which stores cooling for later use.

The battery plugs into existing cooling chiller systems and freezes water in a tank during off-peak periods at night. It then uses the cold to reduce cooling loads in the daytime, when the doors are being opened and closed and the load is highest.

Refrigeration costs make up more than half of a typical supermarket’s electricity bill. The Refrigeration Battery has the capacity to store energy for 6 to 12 hours which, according to Axiom Exergy, can cut peak electricity demand by as much 40%.

The Refrigeration Battery can also provide backup refrigeration for 6 to 12 hours, protecting supermarkets from business interruption risk and food spoilage costs caused by power outages.

The Refrigeration Battery can be retrofitted to existing commercial refrigeration systems without any modification.