When the Texas company, re:char, wanted to ship their biochar kilns to Kenya, they found the usual options were wasteful and costly. They concluded that it would be much more efficient to manufacture near to the customers.

To do this, in a place with little industry or infrastructure, re:char designed  a fully functioning, off-the-grid, solar powered factory inside a shipping container.

One re:char "shop-in-a-box" is able to produce more than 300 biochar kilns a month.

The company envisages a global network of shop-in-a-box factories able to quickly create and improve upon the product. A new version of a product would be deployed by updating the CAD model software over the internet, rather than by shiping hardware around the world.

A shop-in-a-box can be purchased for $50,000 or you can build your own based on re:char's list of parts, which is available at https://www.re-char.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/kenya_inventory.pdf