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Air conditioning

Refrigeration without Greenhouse Gases

Written by , on May 17, 2019

A team of scientists, led by the Chinese Academy of Sciences have discovered that crystals of a plastic, called neopentyl glycol, have the potential to replace harmful greenhouse gas refrigerants in refrigerators, air conditioners, computer cooling systems and the like.  Read more »

Air Conditioning without Electricity

Written by , on January 30, 2019

SoundEnergy, a Dutch company, has demonstrated a thermal acoustic engine which takes heat from any source and produces a powerful cooling effect without requiring power from any other source – potentially providing air conditioning or refrigeration from industrial waste heat or solar energy. The device combines two technologies which have been understood for a long […]  Read more »

Roof Panels That Make Air-Conditioning Much More Efficient

Written by , on September 13, 2017

Researchers at Stanford University have developed a fluid-filled roof panel which can make air-conditioning significantly more efficient.  Read more »

Australian Engineer Develops Solar Air Conditioner

Written by , on August 31, 2012

Paolo Corrada, a PhD student at the Queensland University of Technology, is developing a solar cooling and heating system for the home that will run independently of the electricity grid and generate domestic hot water as a by-product. The system is based on an absorption chiller which is a well-proven, efficient technology. The absorption chiller […]  Read more »

New Energy-Saving Air Conditioning

Written by , on June 18, 2010

The U.S. Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory has developed a new air conditioning process with the potential of using 50 to 90 percent less energy than the best current units. The process uses a unique combination of membranes, evaporative cooling and liquid desiccants. It uses the desiccant (highly concentrated aqueous salt solutions of […]  Read more »