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95% Renewable Energy by 2050 Blueprint

Written by , on June 16, 2010

Greenpeace International and the European Renewable Energy Council have produced a report titled: “Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable World Energy Outlook” which provides a detailed blueprint for cutting carbon emissions while achieving economic growth by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and energy efficiency. Acopy of the full 212-page report is here; a 16-page summary is […]  Read more »

Coal Fires Burning for 50 years To Be Put Out

Written by , on June 9, 2010

The world’s worst underground coal fires are in Inner Mongolia. Some have been burning for 50 years. The amount of coal being burned is estimated to be about 20 million tonnes a year. The Inner Mongolia regional government has now announced plans and financing of 200 million yuan ($au36 million) to begin extinguishing the fires. […]  Read more »

Topless Mountains (Mountop Removal)

Written by , on February 13, 2010

  Read more »

Aussies Trialling New “Clean Coal” Technique

Written by , on January 11, 2010

Australian clean coal technology specialist Linc Energy  has signed a major new partnerhip with British fuel cell firm AFC Energy for a demonstration project that the two companies believe could revolutionise the coal industry. The firms believe that combining underground coal gasification techniques with hydrogen fuel cell technologies will provide a significantly cleaner and cheaper […]  Read more »

US Coal Reserve Estimates Drastically Reduced

Written by , on June 14, 2009

The U.S. Geological Survey has reported that economically extractable coal reserves in the United States, typically estimated at some 240 years worth, could be substantially less than previously thought – perhaps only half the previously estimated reserves. The news is consistent with the findings of a 2007 National Research Council study and is similar to […]  Read more »

Improved Coal-to-Oil Process

Written by , on March 31, 2009

Wired magazine has reported that Scientists at the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg have developed an improved technique for producing liquid fuel from coal. The process of producing liquid fuel from coal has already been used on a lage scale – in Nazi Germany and apartheid South Africa  It’s not only the regimes that have […]  Read more »

Coal Reserves May Be Overestimated

Written by , on December 18, 2008

Dave Rutledge, chair of the California Institute of Technology’s Engineering and Applied Sciences Division, has produced a new calculation of the world’s coal reserves which is much lower than previous estimates. According to Professor Rutledge’s model, the total amount of available coal, including all of the coal already mined, is only 662 billion tonnes. In […]  Read more »

China’s $250 billion a year Hidden Cost of Coal

Written by , on October 28, 2008

China’s dirty and dangerous coal mining industry cost the country a hidden $250 billion last year in lost and damaged lives, wasted energy and environmental devastation, according to a survey by experts from the coal heartland of Shanxi province, Peking University, the Chinese government’s top energy think-tank and the Chinese Center for Disease Control. Last […]  Read more »

Planned Coal Power Plants Blocked

Written by , on September 3, 2008

Just four years ago, there were plans to build 150 new coal-fired power plants in the United states. Just 14 of these are still being actively pursued and all of these are still subject to legal action on environmental grounds. "The enormity of what they were proposing to do provided a platform to have that […]  Read more »

Coal Video on YouTube

Written by , on August 29, 2008

GreenBiz Café now has a presence on YouTube. Our first video is “Coal: What the Hell Are We Doing?”.  Read more »