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How Much Electricity Does the Internet Really Use?

Written by , on June 22, 2010

The media is fond of quoting claims that the internet will soon be using more power than the airline industry, that it will consume half of all the electricity produced or that two Google searches release as much CO2 as boiling a kettle of water. The Google search myth arose from a Times article in […]  Read more »

PC Software to Cut Power Usage

Written by , on May 12, 2010

A company called MiserWare Inc, which is a spinoff from Virginia Tech, has launched a free program for Windows and Unix which is claimed to reduce power usage by 30%. The program, called Granola, saves energy by applying dynamic voltage and frequency scaling to the CPU of the system. When a user is reading a […]  Read more »

Google & Intel Suggest Raising Data Centre Temperatures

Written by , on October 16, 2008

Most data centres operate at temperatures between 20 and 22°C – some keep temperatures as low as 13°C. But according to large data centre operators, including Google, much higher temperatures with big savings in air conditioning, are acceptable. “The guidance we give to data centre operators is to raise the thermostat,” said Erik Teetzel, an Energy […]  Read more »