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Electric vehicles

Bloomberg Predicts That EVs Will Cause Oil Oversupply Market Crash by 2023

Written by , on April 17, 2016

Bloomberg predicts that the electric car will cause an oil glut and an oil crisis by 2023.  Read more »

Electric Demonstrator Aircraft by Airbus

Written by , on April 30, 2014

AIrbus has demonstrated what is believed to be the first aircraft developed from the ground-up an electric-powered aircraft.  Read more »

Convert Telephone Booths to EV Charging Points

Written by , on September 15, 2013

A recent New York City competition produced a poposal to turn phone booths into electric vehicle charging points.. While the demand for public phones is declining rapidly, the need for vehicle charging stations in uban locations is increasing. It had been expected that electric vehicles would be most popular in locations close to urban centres […]  Read more »

A New Non-standard Stardard for EV Charging

Written by , on May 19, 2012

A group of European and American car makers has announced the adoption of the J1772 standard developed by the International Society of Automotive Engineers for electric vehicle charging. The single plug system is to be adopted by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, BMW and the Volkswagen group (including Porsche and Audi). The problem is that Nissan, […]  Read more »

Four New Electric Nissans Planned

Written by , on May 15, 2012

Nissan is planning four new electric vehicles. A new version of the Leaf is expected to be released at the Paris Motor Show in October. It is expected to be offered with various levels of trim and a lower entry price. An electric van, the e-NV200, is expected by late 2013. It was previewed at […]  Read more »

Fly for Free

Written by , on April 20, 2012

The Slovenian light aircraft manufacturer, Pipistrel, has delivered the first of what it claims is the only commercially available “electric 2-seat aeroplane in serial production”. An optional trailer, which houses the aircraft, is equipped with solar panels for charging its batteries. The aircraft is actually a self-launching glider with a retractable electric engine and propellor. […]  Read more »

Smart EV Charging Trial

Written by , on April 12, 2012

IBM, together with Honda and the California utility Pacific Gas & Electric, is about to start trialling a smart-charging system to charge a fleet of electric vehicles without disrupting the grid. The electricity grid already has the capacity to accommodate millions of plug-in vehicles. The problem arises if there is a concentration of electric vehicles […]  Read more »

Easy System Converts Pushbikes to Electric

Written by , on March 15, 2012

DK City, a Taiwanese company, has come up with a kit which converts a standard bike to electric by simply changing a wheel and clipping a wireless console to the handle bar. The kits come in eight colours and two sizes but, unfortunately, are quite expensive at $US 1,170.  Read more »

Electric Cars Could Refuel Like Petrol Cars

Written by , on March 12, 2012

A New York-based company, Eos Energy Storage, is developing a system that refills an electric vehicle’s battery in a way similar to the way petrol cars are refueled at service stations. Eos Energy Storage says that it can make a zinc-air battery in which the used electrolyte can be pumped out and a new electrolyte […]  Read more »

Wireless Charging for Electric Vehicles

Written by , on November 17, 2010

A New Zealand-owned company has launched the world’s first wireless technology which allows parked or moving electric cars to charge automatically without being "plugged in". The technology was developed by the University of Auckland’s Power Electronics Group HaloIPT, a UK based company, owned by Auckland UniServices Ltd and Ove Arup & Partners, is the first […]  Read more »