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Solution to Major Problem in Nuclear Fusion

Written by , on November 15, 2010

A research team from the US Department of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratories has discovered a way to keep the fusion plasma from eroding divertor walls inside tokamak fusion machines. The researchers believe that this could enable them to achieve "scientific breakeven" (i.e. the amount of energy produced by the reactor is greater than the energy […]  Read more »

Power from Nuclear Fusion within Two Years?

Written by , on March 23, 2010

Scientists have been working on developing nuclear fusion power generation since the early 1950s. The main problem has always been that more energy has been required to produce the reaction than is produced. Scientists at the National Ignition Facility in California believe that their latest experiments will overcome the problem. Their technique uses lasers to […]  Read more »

Lower Cost Nuclear Fusion

Written by , on August 12, 2009

A Canadian company, General Fusion, claims that it can build a relatively low-tech prototype nuclear fusion power plant within the next decade for less than a billion dollars. For decades, billions of dollars have been spent on research into ways of building a practical fusion reactor for electricity production. The major problem is creating a […]  Read more »

Prototype Fusion Reactor

Written by , on October 6, 2008

British scientists at the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory near Oxford will this week begin work to create a nuclear fusion reactor. If successful, the reactor will be a prototype for future commercial power stations, providing a cleaner and safer replacement for conventional nuclear power stations with the potential of producing effectively unlimited energy. The fusion reaction […]  Read more »