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Hot rock

Hot Rock Geothermal Technology Advance

Written by , on January 25, 2013

Seattle-based AltaRock Energy Inc.has announced that it is confident that it has created three geothermal reservoirs from a single well. The importance of this is the high cost of drilling a deep well to reach hot rock deep underground is less significant if multiple reservoirs of hot fluid, possibly at diferent levels, can be created […]  Read more »

Using CO2 Sequestration in Geothermal Power Production

Written by , on January 15, 2010

Enhanced or "hot rock" geothermal power production usually works by pumping water into fissures in hot rocks deep underground, A shaft is drilled into the fissures and some ot the resulting super-heated water comes to the surface where it is used to drive a turbine. One problem with this technique is the amount of water […]  Read more »

GE and Google to Work on Smart Grid

Written by , on September 18, 2008

General Electric and Google have announced that they will collaborate to develop smart-grid technologies with a particular focus on plug-in hybrid vehicles and enhanced, "hot rock" geothermal systems. Smart-grid technology lets utilities more efficiently manage electricity on the grid while smart meters and displays in homes and businesses allow consumers better understand and control home […]  Read more »

Hot Dry Rock Geothermal Energy

Written by , on May 1, 2008

Power can be produced from the geothermal energy in hot rocks. This is being trialled in South Australia. How It Works Geodynamics believes that its hot fractured rock project in South Australia has the potential to produce almost twice the energy of all of the oil reserves of the United States. It could produce enough […]  Read more »