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The Surui Carbon Project

Written by , on December 11, 2010

Using Google Earth To Monitor the Amazon  Read more »

How Much Electricity Does the Internet Really Use?

Written by , on June 22, 2010

The media is fond of quoting claims that the internet will soon be using more power than the airline industry, that it will consume half of all the electricity produced or that two Google searches release as much CO2 as boiling a kettle of water. The Google search myth arose from a Times article in […]  Read more »

Another Reason to Hate Spam

Written by , on April 22, 2009

Internet security company McAfee has released a report which says that 62 trillion junk emails were sent in 2008. Spam makes up around 97 percent of all email traffic. McAfee estimates that the electricity wasted by this much junk email would be sufficient to power 2.4 million US homes.  Read more »

Bandwidth on Demand

Written by , on April 29, 2008

The information technology industry has become used to a stunning pace of development – consistently doubling performance in terms of speed and storage capacity every couple of years. But the switch from dial-up to broadband Internet dwarfs this rate of change with an improvement in performance by a factor of about 40 or 50. The […]  Read more »