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Oil-exploration Airguns Kill Plankton within 2 kilometres

Written by , on June 26, 2017

Scientists at Curtin University in Western Australia have shown that the seismic sound blasts made by airguns searching for new oil reserves under the ocean floor can kill large swathes of plankton.  Read more »

Bloomberg Predicts That EVs Will Cause Oil Oversupply Market Crash by 2023

Written by , on April 17, 2016

Bloomberg predicts that the electric car will cause an oil glut and an oil crisis by 2023.  Read more »

Glass “Sponge” Separates Oil from Water

Written by , on October 23, 2012

Dr. Paul Edmiston and students at the College of Wooster in Ohio have discovered a material which absorbs small organic molecules while repelling water. The material, which they call "Osorb", is a nano-engineered glass that can absorb hydrocarbons, volatile organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and solvents which are either dispersed or disolved in water. The absorbed […]  Read more »

The Fracking FAQs

Written by , on May 11, 2012

Using oil and gas as an energy source is a remnant of old Industial Age technology and not normally part of our discussion of the developing Global Age. However, the increased price of fossil fuels, resulting from the world’s diminishing oil supply, has led to some extraordinary techniques being used to extract oil and gas […]  Read more »

95% Renewable Energy by 2050 Blueprint

Written by , on June 16, 2010

Greenpeace International and the European Renewable Energy Council have produced a report titled: “Energy [R]evolution: A Sustainable World Energy Outlook” which provides a detailed blueprint for cutting carbon emissions while achieving economic growth by replacing fossil fuels with renewable energy and energy efficiency. Acopy of the full 212-page report is here; a 16-page summary is […]  Read more »

Gulf Spill Dwarfed by Other Oil Spills

Written by , on June 4, 2010

As disastrous as the Gulf oil spill is, it is dwarfed others aound the world. The Guardian, for example, has an article about Nigeria where, they say, more oil is spilled every year than has been lost in the Gulf spill – and it’s been happening for 50 years! Just last month, a ruptured ExxonMobil […]  Read more »

Earth (in the Age of Oil)

Written by , on May 31, 2010

Our latest YouTube video clip is a look at what our dependence on oil is doing to the Earth.  Read more »

Sustainable Jet Fuel

Written by , on March 19, 2010

British Airways has unveiled plans to establish what it believes will be Europe’s first ‘sustainable’ jet fuel plant The plant will produce aviation fuel from plasma gasification of biomass into BioSynGas which is then converted into jet fuel. The facility will process all types of biomass and residue feedstock which will mainly be sourced from […]  Read more »

No Left Turn

Written by , on July 15, 2008

The American delivery company, UPS, has some 95,000 trucks. For 100 years, UPS employees have worked to find the most efficient routes for delivering packages in a safe and timely manner by physically driving each one and plotting them on maps. Over the last few years, UPS has been rolling out computer programs to automate […]  Read more »

How the World Reacts to an Oil Shortage

Written by , on June 14, 2008

The Americans make war to get more oil The Germans make biodiesel factories The British make regulations to limit vehicle use The French make cycling fashionable The Italians make trendy motor scooters The Japanese make more fuel-efficient cars The Chinese make more stuff to sell so they can buy more oil The Indians make really […]  Read more »