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Thermal storage

Storing Energy in Salt and Antifreeze

Written by , on August 8, 2017

Google’s parent company Alphabet’s X Division is trialling an energy storage technology using heated salt and cooled antifreeze.  Read more »

Low-cost Thermal Energy Storage in Concrete

Written by , on November 10, 2012

Engineeris researchers at the University of Arkansas have developed a thermal energy storage system that could dramatically increase annual energy production while significantly decreasing production costs of a concentrated solar power. Current storage methods use molten salts, oils or beds of packed rock to store heat inside thermal energy storage tanks. Although these methods do […]  Read more »

Storing Energy as Ice

Written by , on January 28, 2010

Ice Energy, a  Colorado company, has signed a contract with the Southern California Public Power Authority to deploy rooftop units that use electricity at night to make ice. The ice is then used to cool buildings during the day. The system effectively stores electricity made at night when demand and cost is low and uses […]  Read more »

Super Concrete for Thermal Storage

Written by , on December 8, 2008

Engineering researchers at the University of Arkansas are developing improved methods of storing thermal energy in concrete. "Solar holds great promise as an alternative source of energy," said Panneer Selvam, professor of civil engineering and director of the university’s Computational Mechanics Lab. "The problem is that scientists and engineers have not yet developed technology that […]  Read more »