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Affordable Carbon Capture from the Air

Written by , on June 13, 2018

A Canadian company has published results of a pilot study that shows that CO₂ can be captured from the atmosphere for less than $us100 a tonne – far less than previous estimates of $600 to $1,000 a tonne. The company is commercalising technology which uses the captured CO₂ to produce liquid hydrocarbon fuels.  Read more »

Fueling Vehicles with Hydrogen from Corn Waste

Written by , on April 8, 2015

Researchers have found a way to make hydrogen fuel by a biological method that uses cheap and abundantly available corn stover (the stalks, cobs and husks) and greatly reduces the time it takes to produce the fuel.  Read more »

Daimler’s “SuperTruck” Halves Fuel Consumption

Written by , on April 8, 2015

Daimler has now unveiled its response, the “Freightliner SuperTruck” which is claimed to improve fuel efficiency by 115% over the baseline standard.  Read more »

Hybrid Compressed Air Car

Written by , on September 16, 2014

Peugeot is turning to hybrid compressed air technology to address the biggest barrier to customers buying electric cars and plug-in hybrids – the cost. The company believes that this simple but effective technology could be added to a wide variety of engines for a small price premium and boost economy significantly. The Peugeot 2008 Hybrid Air prototype […]  Read more »

Ship Design Uses Hull as Sail

Written by , on September 12, 2013

The Norwegian speed sailor and inventor, Terje Lade, has developed a new concept for a ship in which the hull acts as a giant sail. He estimated that the “Vindskip” would have fuel savings of 60% and emissions reductions of 80% compared to current cargo ships. The Vindskip would have natural-gas fired engines and a […]  Read more »

Dutch to Trial Futuristic Highways

Written by , on January 21, 2013

A futuristic highway that can save energy and improve road safety is to be installed in the Dutch province of Brabant from mid-2013. The highway will include glow-in-the-dark road markings painted with photo-luminescent paint which are charged during the day and light up during the night; temperature-responsive paint which indicates slippery roads when temperatures fall […]  Read more »

Is a Roller Coaster the Ultimate Energy-saving Transport System?

Written by , on December 9, 2012

The Tokyo University's Institute of Industrial Science, with the help of amusement ride firm Senyo Kogyo, is testing a prototype roller coaster train for commuter transportation. The train, which has no engine, coasts along a tubular track at a test facility in Chiba, about 40 kilometres from the centre of Tokyo. The train's speed is […]  Read more »

Electrifying the Highway

Written by , on May 16, 2012

A system of powering hybrid trucks through overhead wires is being tested at Long Beach, Califormia. The basis of the "eHighway", developed by Siemens, is a series of overhead wires that would be installed over at least one lane of a highway, similar to the electrical wires of tram lines. Specially equipped hybrid trucks would […]  Read more »

Solar Airconditioning for Trucks

Written by , on April 3, 2011

ICL, Mitsubishi Chemical and Nippon Fruehauf have co-developed an idling/stopped air conditioning system for trucks that uses photovoltaic cells and batteries. The air conditioning system uses a Nippon Fruehauf mount to install Mitsubishi Chemical’s PV cell modules on the container of the truck. It stores electricity in an ICL storage battery while the truck is […]  Read more »

US Commits $53 billion for High Speed Rail

Written by , on February 9, 2011

US Vice President Joe Biden has announced a “comprehensive plan” that dedicates $US53 billion over the next six years to achieving the goal of providing 80% of Americans with access to high speed rail within a generation. The plan, ehich aims to put rail “on equal footing with other surface transportation programs”, envisages three kinds […]  Read more »