Researchers at the Electron Science Research Institute at Edith Cowan University in Perth, Western Australia, in collaboration with ClearVue Technologies, have announced that they have developed the world’s first commercially viable clear, solar glass.

The glass contains special nanoparticles, with solar cells around its borders. This allows it to pass visible sunlight through, while blocking the UV and infrared components and routing them to the edge of the glass for conversion to electricity via the solar cells placed around the edges.

One square metre of the glass can produce up to 30 watts of power. As the power is produced, it is stored in batteries for use as required.

While it is not the first, or only, solar glass product, it the first in which the glass is clear. The other products have either lines, dots or squares of solar cells on the glass.

The glass has been used to build a self-sufficient bus shelter in Melbourne and ClearVue Technologies is planning to test the product at Singapore Changi Airport and in an advanced, 300 square metre energy efficient glasshouse, to be built in the Perth area.

from Aussie Renewables